πŸ’˜It’s Cupid Time- Valentine’s Day Gift Guides Included πŸ’˜

Valentine’s Day is a little over a week away!! I cannot believe how fast time is flying however, I am beyond excited to celebrate one of my favourite holidays (which other day of the year is sprinkled with pink, red, and white?). While I still spend the majority (like 98%) of my time at home, I try to find opportunities wherever I can to find happiness or at least the chance to smile. For these upcoming few days, what that looks like to me is celebrating my relationship, friendships, and family relations. Sure, someone could say I’m feeding into the commercialized hype of Valentine’s Day, but to that , I would say I DON’T CARE. If you like celebrating V day, then no one should shame you for it, especially since most of us have the best of intentions anyway. I have always loved Valentine’s Day, maybe because my mom always made the day special for my sister and I, or maybe because like any kid, I liked the chocolate. Whichever it was, the exciting butterflies always flutter around in my stomach at the beginning of February in anticipation for Valentine’s Day. I even remember the year I went through a breakup 2 days before Valentine’s Day! That year, by the time the 14th rolled around, I figured I was going to want to burn down all hearts and flowers, but on the contrary, I felt even more loved than before because my family and friends surrounded me with their company. I think that’s why I have never really fed into the fact that if you’re single, then V Day isn’t for you or you always have to make such a big deal on the day if you’re in a relationship. To me, V Day is all about expressing your love and gratitude to all the people that are special to you in your life… significant others, friends, siblings, parents and any other family relatives. I do this in various ways, either buying small chocolates for my family, or sending cards to my friends, or even making dinner plans the week of with some of my close girlfriends (pre-covid, of course).πŸ’Œ

I hope to be a good resource for you, if you are shopping. With that being said, I have put together two gift guides, one for him and one for her. My goal was to make the shopping easier for y’all and just click and ship basically. I love finding some good deals, throw in some cute colours, and I am having a ball. I will break down the gift guides below (from left to right):

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide ~ For Her
  1. Crux Electric Air Fryer, SALE $62.99 with code HOME: I put this picture of the pink one because duh, but it comes in two other colours that would be perfect to compliment any kitchen.
  2. HOT Wire Trivet, SALE $7.19 with code HOME: Such cute variations of several sayings to get and you can easily use this for the cocettes listed below.
  3. Barefoot Dreams In the Wild Blanket, $180: I have heard rave reviews about this! There are several different combinations on the website to choose from. I’m waiting for the perfect time to strike to get this for myself.
  4. CHANEL Chance, $85-$140: A classic Chanel scent that your girl will swoon over. Of course, it’s the perfect shade of pink which doesn’t hurt at all.
  5. Fluff Yeah Genuine Shearling Slingback Sandal, $99.95: These sandals are super on trend right now and the perfect gift for a cozy Valentine’s night in. The red is a classic Valentine’s Day colour but there are lots of others to choose form if red isn’t their favourite.
  6. Heart Stonewear Cocettes, SALE $27.99 with code HOME: Set of two stoneware pieces (good quality) that will be great for oven-baked recipes that can go straight to the table from the oven.
  7. Elevated Heart Ring, $75: This is such a beautiful ring if you are looking for a heart-specific ring. Now fellas, this doesn’t have to mean anything more than a beautiful ring. Most women, myself included, love to accessorize with many rings so this is a lovely addition. You can never go wrong with Pandora jewelry!
  8. Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller, $28: For the skincare lover!! This facial roller will help bring out her inner glow and have a relaxing facial massage every morning.
  9. Kendra Scott Heart Pendant, $68: This is a new arrival from Kendra Scott and it came perfectly in time for Valentine’s Day. It comes in 3 metals, silver, gold and rose gold which is a great variety to choose from for the recipient.
  10. Heart Stud Earrings, $46: Red heart earrings for a Valentine’s gift, could there BE a better gift for the occasion? (cue Chandler’s voice) Such a dazzling set that you can barely turn down at such an affordable price.
  11. Kendra Scott Heart Small Hoop Earrings, $48: A perfect compliment to the Heart Pendant, these small everyday hoop earrings would be a great addition to any woman’s collection. Easily worn for V Day date night or for an everyday type of look. Comes in all three metals too silver, rose gold, and gold.
  12. Godiva Valentine’s Fabric Heart Gift Box (14-piece), $34.96 (CURRENT DEAL OF THE DAY, will go back up to full price after today 2/05/2021: As a previous Godiva chocolatier, I can fully attest to the luxurious chocolate in this heartfelt keepsake box. My personal favourite type of chocolate is milk chocolate, what is yours?
Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him
  1. The Ultimate Game for Couples, $24.99: Found this fun game on Amazon and thought it would be a perfect gift idea if you are looking to do something other than watching tv on your weeknights.
  2. Star Wars Heart Tin, $19.99: This heart tin is filled with fun chocolate caramel hearts which would be a great addition to any Valentine’s gift basket.
  3. Club Room V-Neck Wool Sweater, $24.99: I absolutely love this sweater! Great for any holiday party during the winter months and you can’t beat the sale price.
  4. Light Saber Chopsticks, $11.97: What a creative gift for any guy in your life! If you are planning on ordering Chinese or Thai takeout for V-day, this could be a nice surprise to add to the ambiance.
  5. My Girlfriend is Hotter than My Coffee Mug, $12.95: I bought this for my boyfriend last Christmas because he can’t go without his coffee in the mornings so I thought he could always think of me when he drinks form the mug. If you are looking for a similar effect, check this link out.
  6. Electric S’mores Maker, $40: I mean who wouldn’t want to make s’mores more often? This electric maker would make a fun gift for your significant other to make any date night more cozy.
  7. Beer Making Kit, $64.99: Is your man bummed about not being able to go to his favourite bars lately? Bring the beer to him this Valentine’s Day with this craft beer making kit this year. Unfortunately, the one pictured is no longer available so I linked another kit with great reviews.
  8. Romantic Toilet Paper, $13.95: Okay, did you guys smirk at this one too? I think this would be a funny gift to give to your significant other at least just to make them laugh.
  9. Massage Gun, $129: I bought this for my boyfriend last year as a gift and he really likes it! Since he works out very often, he is able to use this to relieve tension throughout his body. I highly recommend snagging one of these if your significant other has a similar lifestyle.
  10. Bleu De Chanel, $80-$135: This scent is described as woodsy and citrusy as well as one of the top selling colognes on the market right now. The price will also depend on the size you purchase. If the man in your life is in need of a good cologne, this one would be a top one to try.
  11. The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook, $19.71: Ah the way to a mans’s heart is through food… or at least that’s what my mom always taught me. This cookbook is for the carnivore in your life that just can’t get enough of various meats and fish. Sure a book isn’t the most glamorous of gifts but I can guarantee this is going to bring a big smile on his face.

Shipping Deadlines:

  • Kendra Scott- Order by 2/7 for Free Standard Shipping and delivery by Valentine’s Day
  • Pandora- Order by 2/8 for Free Standard Shipping ($55+) and delivery by Valentine’s Day
  • Macy’s- Order by 2/8 for delivery by Valentine’s Day
  • Nordstrom- Free Shipping and Returns
  • Amazon PRIME- 2 Day Shipping

If you do end up using any of these links or buy any of these items, please let me know!! I would love to hear if they work well for you and if the gifts brought smiles to the recipient’s faces (and if these gift guides were helpful for you). Valentine’s Day should be filled with love, thankfulness, and joy, I hope yours is filled with it all. ❀️



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