Hopping Into Easter Week 🐰

Easter 2020

Easter is now less than a week ago and I started panicking yesterday because I realized how unprepared I feel. With that being said, I went to none other than Pinterest to craft up some ideas for the day of. In addition to decorative food items, I also looked at several different outfit options that would be appropriate for the day of. I always look forward to Easter not only because of the religious meaning behind it but also the sense of renewal and rejoicing that comes along with this time of the year.💐 Since I am feeling a little behind on my planning, I wanted to share what I have found with all of you incase you find yourself in a similar predicament. So let’s get hoppin’ to the details…

Depending on what your plans entails for the actual day of Easter will determine what meals you will want to focus on. Traditionally, we like to have a brunch of some sort and then a fun Easter dinner. I believe that is still the case this year but I haven’t checked on it. I know in years past, especially during the years I unfortunately wasn’t able to be with my family for Easter, I would spend the day/weekend with my best girlfriend’s family. They loved changing up the menu every year but everyone who came was responsible for a particular dish- we did the same thing for Thanksgiving! For the years I spent with them, I would bring a bunny garden cake which was basically a combined recipe I made from two types of cakes I found on Pinterest. I will post the pictures here (scrolling wayyy back into my camera roll for these) so you can get inspiration from it. I will also post my meshed up recipe so you can easily get the ingredients this week if you want to try your hand at it. Additionally, please find my blog’s Pinterest board below where you will find some pins I found for more snacks/dessert inspiration for the day.🐰🐣

My Easter Bunny Dirt Cake I have made from various Pinterest recipes. Yes, this picture is 2018 iPhone quality.

A long-standing tradition that my family makes happen every year for Easter is to have cascaroñes. It’s a Mexican tradition that we have always celebrated with for as long as I can remember. In the weeks leading up to Easter, whenever we are making eggs or recipes with eggs, we only crack the very top of the egg, dump it into the bowl and clean out the shell. We collect them until we have several dozen and then in the week leading up to Easter, we dye them! After they have fully dried, we stuff them with confetti, apply a thin layer of glue to the rim of the egg, paste down a piece of tissue paper and viola, they are ready. Just like any other Easter egg hunt, these eggs are hidden around the yard by the parents and then the kids are let out to collect as many as they can. The best part is when you find all the eggs, you crack them on people’s heads to shower them with confetti!🎊 I have such fond memories of this growing up and I fully intend to carry this tradition on whether I have kids or not in the future. I have posted a few pictures from over the years below so you can see the full effect!

Easter was one of the two days in the year that my mom MADE sure my sister and I were dressed to the nines… no exceptions. Easter and Christmas were the two days where we had to have play clothes and nice dresses/outfits for church. 👗Now that we are older, we still like to get dressed up and find joy in looking for the perfect Easter dress to wear not only for church but for the whole day. I have compiled a few options below in case you are still on the hunt for a fun and festive outfit for the day of. While they would make perfect Easter outfits, they would also be perfect for spring in general so if you see one you like, be sure to snag it! This is a judge-free zone so I will share with you that I intend on wearing the same dress as last year because I really like it and I want to wear it again.

I do not own the rights to these images. All are linked below to the owner’s website.

Easter Dresses (Left to Right)

I feel like I threw a ton of information at you in this post but I hope you find it helpful in preparing for this weekend. I am excited to celebrate Easter with my loved ones this year and to crack a few eggs on their heads of course! If you are celebrating this weekend, please share with me how you will be spending the day and any Easter traditions/ideas you have. I hope you all have a wonderful week filled with joy. If you have made it this far, I so appreciate you taking the time read my posts. Your support means the world to me🤍



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