My Spring Uniform

This week, specifically yesterday, the weather here in Virginia finally hit over 75 degrees and I instantly felt myself become happier as I walked outside. Does anyone else’s mood correlate directly with the weather? I have always liked being in a state that has all four seasons but it definitely makes me feel better when I am able to finally enjoy the warmer months. Now that the weather is starting to feel like its finally back on my side, I have realized that my wardrobe is still in the thick of my fall and winter clothes. For those of you who don’t know, I am 100% a seasonal wardrobe changer.🌷 I have several storage boxes that are rotated between the warm and cold months depending on whichever one I don’t need in my closet at the time. While I usually have a strict break between the separation of my clothes between the months, I try to keep versatile pieces within each set of clothes to make sure I can accommodate those awkward transitional months… like the one we are currently in.

As soon as I know that the 70’s weather is on its way, I know exactly what I am going to wear. How? I have a basic spring uniform that I wear during this time that I don’t quite feel comfortable enough to break out my shorts and when I can’t stand to think a sweatshirt. My spring uniform is basic but practical so that it can be easily adjusted and will still look like an outfit you put effort into creating. As a good rule of thumb, I like to have 3 colours/types of each item so that I can mix and match for the few weeks that we are transitioning in spring to summery weather. All details from the pictures are below:

Cardigan: Old Navy, Size M- Don’t sleep on old navy!! The week before I started my office job, my mom took me to our local Old Navy store in the mall and it was such a great experience because they have such good quality clothes but for great prices (and usually lots of sales to accompany). I remember I got several pairs of pixie pants and some nice tops and cardigans. Thankfully this lilac cardigan was included in that shopping haul. I have gotten so much use out of it and I think it’s the perfect spring colour. I sized up to a medium for extra comfort and a looser fit.

Lace Tank Top: Hollister, Size M- Oh my goodness y’all, this top is so old. It is kind of embarrassing how old this top is. It’s from Hollister (ahhh the memories) and I am wearing a size medium. Funny enough, it used to fit pretty well but now I can see that its a little baggy on the side, which is probably just natural wear and tear over the years, so I will most likely be saying goodbye to the top soon. Any simple white/ivory top will work as an option for this styled look. This top is also slightly cropped which I look for a relaxed fit. I also like the thick straps for when I want to take off the cardigan but not just have spaghetti straps on.

Boyfriend Jeans: Pacsun, Size 3- Again, another embarrassingly old item of clothing in my wardrobe LOL but I think this is just a testament to the a) quality of the item and the b) commitment to my clothes that I get the full use out of them. These jeans are bullhead from Pacsun and are comfortable but also feel like a true jean fit with minimal stretch. These boyfriend jeans are the perfect style for the spring because they have the rolled cuff at the bottom and minor distress with some patches behind the large holes so that wind barely gets through. I rotate through a few different pairs of jeans throughout the spring but I tend to roll and cuff the bottom fo my jeans (because I’m short) and I think it completes the look.

Sandals: Sam Edelman, Size 5.5- I got these sandals last year and I was so excited when they arrived because they are everything I didn’t know I needed. The nude sandal goes with literally everything in my wardrobe and then throw on the chunky rhinestones and I am SOLD. I sized up half a size as I usually do in Sam Edelman sandals because if I get my true size somethings they rub on the side of my foot too much. These were the perfect pair and as you’ll come to see I also got them in a light pink too. Seriously, some of my favourite and comfortable sandals since it has a cushion on the bottom and not just a flat sole.

As I mentioned earlier, I like to have a few different styles and colours of each item so that I can regularly interchange them and make a whole new outfit but still fit the same basic concept. Plug and play, as I like to call it. 🛍For example, right now I have 3 main cardigans that I can cycle through for this time period, the lilac one shown in these pictures, a green one, and a tan one so that there is a neutral colour as well as pops of colours to add to the outfit. Similarly, as I mentioned I have the nude sparkly sandals I wore in these pictures as well as a light pink pair and I also usually wear a pair of cheetah cloth wrap sandals to slip on and off. Neutrals, a pattern, and a colour are all within my rotation of sandals. I hope this helps frame a picture for you to create your own spring uniform or tailor yours after mine! Please let me know in the comments or DM me on Instagram @saraeliseblog to tell me about your spring uniform or if you have any questions or need advice on creating a look of your own.

Ahhhh at last, we can all enjoy the weekend! 🌸Thank you for reading along, as always.


–Sara 💋

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