How I was #INFLUENCED to Make a Blog

HELLO WORLD! Where do I begin?

My name is Sara and I was #influenced to make a blog over the past few months. Now, it wasn’t just a “Oh this looks cool, lemme try it out” whim type of feeling. Oh no, I’ve been ~quietly~ thinking about this in my head for several months. Ever since I graduated college just shy of a year ago (yes, it’s hard for me to believe too), I had barely let myself dream to have my very own blog and somehow navigate the blogger/influencer world. After several months of moving back into my parents’ house (*sigh* with me), working as hard as possible in my “corporate” job, and navigating new relationships, friendships, and hobbies, I felt… incomplete? Maybe that’s a bit harsh of a word but I still feel like I haven’t quite truly fulfilled what I would like to do. It may be blogging, it may not be. However, I wanted to at least give this a shot and see how it went before I moved on.

So let’s rewind a bit. Last year, I graduated from George Mason University in Virginia and felt like I had reached my most successful experience thus far. I’m sure many recent grads feel that way. Okay, so I’m out into the real world and now what the heck do I do? There are no courses I have to take anymore, my worth is not going to be contingent upon a GPA, I won’t have the same social circles anymore and most importantly, no one is there to tell me what my next step should be (whether you want it or not). I felt like I had checked everything off my list, if you will. Got good grades, check. Made best friends, check. Participated and fulfilled leadership positions in my sorority, check. Even began to learn a new language to try the “you’re only in college once” hype, check. Attained internships within my field, check. Confirmed a full-time job offer before graduation, check. GRADUATED, CHECK. My whole life, I’ve lived off of a checklist. Once I graduated college, I didn’t have ~anything~ to check off my to-do list. Which has felt super liberating, honestly. However, this is also where my slight “empty piece” feeling has manifested.

I have followed many bloggers and influencers on Instagram for several years now and actually look forward to watching/following their content everyday (let me know if you want a future blog post talking about some of my fav accounts). For months on end, even when I was in some of my lowest points, I was always able to tune into some of my favourite accounts to bring some joy to my life. I hope to make a similar experience through this blog and ….possibly an instagram account (MAJOR FEAR still) in the future.

Fast forward to about now… I want to try something new. Like I said, I’m not sure if this is going to fulfill that empty piece, but there isn’t much for me to lose at this point. My goal of this blog is to connect with my readers on all types of topics! If you would like to contact me or even leave comments for me, please do!! I’m begging for them actually, feeling a point of connection between screens is so important to me. If you have been thinking about that pipe dream or even just a hobby you’re nervous to start (hi hello, me right here), go ahead and give it a shot. You never know what could happen and who knows you might be able to inspire someone else to give an idea a chance.

Can’t wait to continue to share more with y’all!

— Sara

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6 thoughts on “How I was #INFLUENCED to Make a Blog

  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I also started my blog after graduating from university and it has really helped fill a void that comes after graduating. Best of luck to you! Looking forwarding to reading more.

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