Spring Refresh (Your Mindset)

It’s officially SPRING! As I’ve scrolled around social media, it seems like everywhere I turn, people are talking about spring and anything related to being outside in the sun. Not to sound too ~philosophical~ but I started to think more about our mindset as we enter into a fresh new season in the new year. Especially coming out of a year as tough as 2020 was, setting ourselves up for success this new season is important. I brainstormed over the weekend some ideas to share with you suggestions on how to refresh your mindset for spring. I plan on listening to my own advice since many of these items, I can use some accountability in. I have broken this post up into four parts which are declutter, create/reform routines, hydrate/exploring your taste buds, and invest in your time wisely. Each part will depict a certain facet of my spring refresh mentality.šŸŒø


  • Phone: Your phone is the first thing that I would recommend to declutter. Mainly because, we all spend so much time on our phones especially now that we are mostly staying home. I know for myself, all I do is look at several screens all day so making sure that I am looking at productive/positive items is essential for my wellbeing.
    • Social Media: Go through your social media accounts and unfollow any account that doesn’t bring happiness to you or if it puts you down. If there is an account you have followed for awhile and all it makes you do is be critical of yourself (comparing yourself to someone else, reminding you of mistakes, egging bad behavior on, etc.), then you don’t need it. Remove the toxicity in your life, starting with unhealthy relationships with accounts on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, all of it.
    • Pictures: Right now, pick up your phone and scroll through your camera roll and start deleting!!! Guys I have over 19,000 pictures on my phone. WHO NEEDS THAT MANY PICTURES?! Granted, it has about 9 years of memories, trips, friends and locations on it but still almost 20K photos is a little excessive. Even if you don’t have as many as I do, I can guarantee you there are screenshots, or double pictures of random things that you don’t need taking up space on your phone.

Create/Reform Routine:

  • Routines: I feel like before the past year, whenever I would see the word routine, i would instantly make a face, or sigh really hard. Let’s face it, it sounds like we have to go back to school and get into a “routine” which isn’t fun. I’ve had to learn how to repurpose this word in my mind in order to not instantly eye-roll once I thought about it.
    • Morning Moments: I recently wrote a whole blog post on My Morning Moments Routine which is linked here. This post talks about how I structure my mornings to get my mindset right before the day takes off. I go into detail on how I try to use a few minutes in the morning for myself and my health/wellbeing.
    • Evening Routine: Winding down in the evening is essential for me to have a good nights rest. I struggle with many sleeping issues but one component that helps me stay asleep most nights is to wind down about 30 minutes-an hour before I want to sleep and just focus on less technology. Turning off my phone, TV and laptop helps me unplug a bit and focus on my skincare, taking my night supplements and basically shut off my brain so it doesn’t keep running at night. I haven’t made a post about my full evening routine yet but if that’s something y’all are interested in, let me know!

Stay Hydrated/Explore Your Tastebuds

  • What you put into your body is so important! I am a strong believer in nourishing your body and that all whole/fresh foods + water are all your body needs to truly thrive (not just survive).
    • Drink More Water: I feel like this is also everywhere…. every health nut on the internet is pushing water on to me, but they aren’t all wrong. I think it’s important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day but not to the point where you’re obsessed with finishing all these gallons of water. I have found that increasing my water intake by a few ounces every day has made such a difference in how I feel throughout the day, how much energy I have by the end of the work-day, and by how less excruciating headaches I get. The rule of thumb I follow is that I try to drink half my weight in oz of water. So around 60 oz a day is what I strive to have for my daily water intake.
    • Fruits and Veggies: I’m not a nutritionist or anything certified so you can feel free to take or leave my advice here but this is how I’m shaping up my mindset for spring. Fruits and veggies are never your enemy…. unless it is in excess. With that being said, I’ve never heard anyone say they’ve eaten too many carrots and that’s how they feel uncomfortable with their body… have you? Just some food for thought here. I want to increase the amount of fruits and veggies I eat. Naturally, I think we all tend to reach for fruits in the warmer months since they are juicy and refreshing. However I want to make a solid effort in trying to expand my veggie selection. I want to try a few new veggies and learn recipes to make them a couple different styles so I can switch things up a bit. I think finding the right ingredients is key because no one said we have to eat broccoli raw to feel our best.

Invest Your Time Wisely:

  • This one has a lot of creative license attached to it. There are so many possibilities associated with this facet of a spring refresh. Now is your time to pick something new to try out or pick back up an old hobby that you led slip away previously. Remember, no better time than the present to start.
    • Whatever the hobby is, try to see if you can spend some time outside doing it. Currently, I’m sitting on the patio in the sun writing this blog. My blog is for sure my passion project and I have loved every single minute of writing and creating content. However, the cherry on top has been getting out in the sun to create as well. Now that the warmer months are right around the corner, you can take advantage of the temperature.
    • Name an accountability partner! You don’t necessarily have to pick a hobby that you can do with someone else but it is nice to know another person is looking out for you. For example, I didn’t start a blog with 2 creators, but instead I have a close accountability partners to ensure that I am keeping up my posts and still having ~fun~ through it all. Your accountability partner should be someone you trust and that you have no issues keeping in contact with.

Alrighty, that brings us to the wrap up of this post. All of these items I have laid out are just suggestions on how to focus on your mental wellbeing through spring. I always try to find ways to “up my game” in the spring since this is essentially the time to get rid of the old (habits) and bring in the new (growth). I would love to hear if you plan on implementing any of these strategies this spring or if there is another way that you are planning on improving your wellness. As always, thank you for continuing to read my posts and supporting my passion project šŸ’—


–Sara šŸ’‹

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** All thoughts are my own on this blog post and the pictures belong to me.

3 thoughts on “Spring Refresh (Your Mindset)

  1. I would love to hear about your nightly routine! This is amazing and Iā€™m really excited to spring clean lots of aspects of my life including my phone (really great idea)!

    Love love love!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol def more posts coming about spring cleaning, seriously I need to work on it in like all aspects hahah. Glad you enjoyed this post ā¤ļø


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