Entering Into a Season of Renewal

Sharing pictures from yesterday’s Easter celebration! Dress is from Pink Lily Boutique.

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great Easter Sunday filled with joy and blessings.🐰 While most of my time is spent at home these days, on holidays like yesterday, I find it to be a great blessing to be under the same roof as my loved ones. The day consisted of watching Easter mass virtually, getting all dolled up in my white dress, participating in the Easter egg cascaroñes hunt, eating a full ham dinner and dessert, and watching the movie Hop at the end of the night. A full day left me very tired this morning, anyone else? After reflecting on yesterday, I wanted to fully dwell in the sense of renewal that I felt throughout the day. As we are now fully engulfed in spring, the season of new beginnings and fresh clean slates, I want to absorb those sentiments within my own mentality.

A sense of renewal can be very impactful. Most notably, if we let go of our shortcomings, forgive ourselves for what we cannot fix, and extend grace to ourselves through the hardships. Now of course, this is all easier said than done but if we make a conscious effort to do these things, it will become easier to sway towards those directions instead of getting overly frustrated with ourselves. Our mindset is arguably one of the most powerful assets we have. If we work towards reframing our thoughts into positive ones, I think we will see the fruits of those labours manifest in our everyday lives. For me personally at least, I try to make sure that when I start playing the what if or I should’ve game, that I catch myself before I go too far. The what if and should’ve game is very toxic and can lead down a negative path very quickly. I’ll admit it’s still hard for me to not play into those scenarios but I know that in order for me to move on in a positive way, I have to let go of the second guessing.

I briefly talked about this in my other blog post, Spring Refresh (Your Mindset) but another way I wanted to relish in the season of revival and renewal is to step away from social media more often than I do now. I notice myself always reaching for my phone when I’m not focusing on other things. It’s like I always have to be scrolling if I’m not already preoccupied which is not a great habit that I want to keep. I probably am the odd one out when I say that Twitter is my favourite social media platform but it’s because that there are always more tweets to read and probes me to read a bit more, rather than scrolling on Instagram and TikTok where I can mindlessly scroll and just look at pictures and videos. Those pictures and videos can also lead to a cycle of comparison which I want to steer clear from. Especially with the pandemic still being very prevalent, it’s an easy escape to look at pictures online and compare your life with others right now. However, I always try to keep in mind that Instagram is a highlight reel and only shows a small portion of a person’s life, mine included. In the coming weeks, I would like to take intentional time away from my phone daily and when I do have my phone near me, to not always reach to mindlessly scroll.

Lastly throughout this season, I want to choose joy and gratefulness more often than I have been doing in the past. Even though I have been talking a lot about new beginnings and renewing ourselves, I don’t want to brush over the fact that there are people in my life that have helped me get to where I am now. And those people are not part of my “new beginning” because they have been with me through my past and will continue to be with my in my future. Whether it be my family, boyfriend, close friends, or various mentors, these people have played pivotal roles in my life which is something I want to acknowledge and be grateful for. A way that I was thinking of doing this was to send simple texts to those people saying “Hey, thanks for being you. You have helped me in xyz and I am truly grateful to have you in my life.”. Anything along those lines I’m sure would mean the world to people to receive because I know I would be overjoyed if I received a random note like that. It’s easy to start dwelling on the negative that has happened but it takes true discipline to shift those thoughts and choose joy for yourself.

I hope this post didn’t come off as too preachy because my intention of this post was to truly just reflect on my thoughts and share with all of you. This where is my recent thoughts have led to me, perhaps there are some correlations with celebrating Easter but even so, these thoughts have been swirling in my head for awhile so I wanted to compile them into one post to share. I’m looking forward to a new season this year, I think it will bring us great joy. Wishing all of you the best of blessings, joy, love, and the promise of renewal. Let’s all have a powerfully positive week. Thanks for reading along! 🤍

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–Sara 💋

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** All thoughts are my own on this blog post and the pictures belong to me.

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