My 2nd Blog Anniversary

Today is my blog anniversary!!✨ Today marks two years since I brought my blog back to life. On January 25th, 2021, Sara Elise Blog was born and I can’t believe that it has continued to grow into what it is today both through my home website and on Instagram. I am so happy to write this post and talk to you about how my blog has not only grown but has served as a positive outlet for me. As a bit of background, I originally started my blog in early 2020 however I shut it down shortly after because I had some intense health issues that I had to sort out first. I had to dedicate my time and energy into first healing and strengthening my body. So when 2021 rolled around, I was terrified of starting my blog up because I had tried before and “failed”. After a few days of reflecting, I thought to myself that I hadn’t necessarily failed but rather was redirected for that specific time in my life. I decided that since I hadn’t given myself a real go at this new hobby, then it would be short sighted to not even try and see where it led.

Well that was a huge leap of faith and looking back, I am proud of myself that I took it. Those types of leaps especially the ones where you put yourself out there in a world of uncomfortable, may just be the leap you needed to take to realize how much you are actually capable of. I remember when I hit my first blog anniversary last year, I was genuinely surprised that I hadn’t given up yet because of the work it took to continue a blog. Both backend work and front facing can be draining but when it is a passion or a creative outlet, like it is for me, the work doesn’t bother you because you know that the experience is a rewarding one.

Now let’s be realistic, there are always ups and downs of any given year, but for me I know that 2022 was a very hard year for me to get through. However during the lows, I knew I had not only my blog but my community that I’ve been slowly building up to turn to. Sara Elise Blog has been a small beacon of hope for me during a trying time and I hope you, as my readers, have also found a positive and fun light from my posts. ⭐️

I wanted to pull together a few of my best posts from 2022 to look back on. These blog posts and pictures above are from the following blog highlights: 1 outfit, 3 looks: Valentines Edition, Wedding Wednesday- Guest Dresses, Travel Guide: Raleigh, NC, and Travel Guide: 30A, FL. While there were other posts published between all of these, the four I listed were some of my favourites to write.

I want to express my sincerest gratitude to all of you, my readers and supporters. I am so very thankful for all of you.💗 I have received so much love, encouragement, and genuine interest from this past year. Connecting with each of you on an individual basis is definitely a highlight of my days. Thank you for believing in me and challenging me to keep going even when life got a little tough and busy. In 2023, I hope to bring more fashion, beauty and lifestyle content to y’all in whatever way I can. If there is anything specific that you would like to see this year, I’m happy to hear!



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All thoughts and opinions are my own. I own the rights of all pictures of me in them and the pictures contained in this post

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