Sephora Spring Savings Event 2023

It’s Super Bowl time!!! I mean… Sephora Sale time!! To all my beauty-lovers out there, our time has finally come in 2023, the Sephora Spring Savings Event has arrived! 🛍 This event runs from April 14- 24, 2023 and opens to shoppers based on Sephora status, the same as years past. I couldn’t be moreContinue reading “Sephora Spring Savings Event 2023”

Shopping Guide to the 2022 Sephora Spring Sale

The Sephora Spring Sale is finally here; it runs from April 1-April 11 and I couldn’t be more excited to cover this sale for the third year. 💄Fun fact about my blog, the first sale I covered was the Sephora Spring Sale back in 2020 before I re-branded in 2021. Many of y’all have beenContinue reading “Shopping Guide to the 2022 Sephora Spring Sale”

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021

Hi everyone, welcome back to another blog post! Trust me the wait is worth it for this one, it is 💛NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE TIME!💛 Keep reading to find out all the things you need to know: The Basics: This is it, the time has finally come, it is time for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale akaContinue reading “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021”