Shop My Sephora Order- Details Enclosed

I hope you have had a wonderful week, friends! If you’ve been scrolling around on Instagram at all this past week, you will have seen that the Sephora Spring Savings Event is currently happening and will end on April 19th. If you haven’t checked out my Sephora Shopping Guide blog post that I published atContinue reading “Shop My Sephora Order- Details Enclosed”

My Shopping Guide to The 2021 Sephora Spring Sale 💄

One of my favourite sales of the year has finally arrived! Today marks the first day of the Sephora Spring Sale that runs from April 9- April 19, 2021. This sale is one of two site-wide sales that Sephora has in a year, the other is the holiday sale usually in November. I look forwardContinue reading “My Shopping Guide to The 2021 Sephora Spring Sale 💄”

Talking About the Elephant In the Room…COVID-19

Coronavirus, Covid-19, pandemic… all of these words are what surrounds us these days. Whether it’s via social media, local news outlets, or even in everyday conversations, it seems like we can never escape these words. The intention of this blog is to not talk about the actual virus or the spread of it, as IContinue reading “Talking About the Elephant In the Room…COVID-19”